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what are those seeds

Hello .. where i live cannabis seeds are given as a main food for birds ... i don't give them to birds, i plant them .. so another birds food is this as one of my friend said to me that this is close to cannabis seeds and may be from the same strain.. is this true, if i plant them am i going to have something similar to cannabis plants, there's something like 4 or 5 kinds of seeds in this photo else than the cannabis (don't mind about the green and yellow stuff) .. please if you know there names that would help too .. i don't have much electricity where i live so i couldn't do much search on the internet .. thanks


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well the seeds on the right hand side are your candidates but you probably know already since you picked em out and set them aside.

Like the guys above said, it'll be hemp seeds you have there. it'll grow like cannabis and have fan leaves and all the rest and if you treat it like a cannabis plant, the female will produce buds, however, you'd need to smoke the equivalent of an ounce of dried product to get the mildest hit off it.

The resulting plant would be really useful if you want to make things; boat sails, tents, ropes, paper.. it has a metric tonne of uses, but getting stoned isn't one of them I'm afraid.

Best bet; buy a bag of weed and plant them seeds (higher chance of hermies), buy regular seeds from a seed bank (roughly 50% chance of getting boy plants) or get feminized seeds from said seed banks (much less risk of males, but it's not a cast iron guarantee)
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