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What are you paying for an ounce?


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o yea man...scale is def a must have


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Mids: 120
Dank: 300-320

the dank is a big jump from mids here in the STL, not to much of a jump from reggie to mids.


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Man I see all these prices and think I can remember getting an O of columbian gold for $40, British honduras for $40, Jamaican for $60 and Thai-stick for $20 a stick=1/4 oz. O of blonde hash was $60 back in the day. I use to get 1/4lb. for $110. Prices didn't shootup till Reagan took office. Man I'm old!!! :smokin:


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Long Island's not a good place for prices. Generally, regs will cost upwards of $150, and the dank can easily pass $450. I haven't even come across medical grade stuff but I don't want to hear what it would cost me.

Bottom line is, I don't buy from LI dealers anymore.


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freakn 350-450 in colorado for medical grade, can't even find mexican cookie schwag.


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forgot to mention if u want deals u better have ur girl make em or somthing if u want that extra grams and stuff females here get givin free on the regular
..so true, my wife gets better deals, easier hook up all together.

It seems like I havent been able to get any quality, even beasters, here in MD. for about a year. So about 140 a zip for what theyre calling middies these days..can range from brown and nasty to pretty decent greens with little seeds.


prices around here are pretty steady
90-160$/oz for low low grade - actually decent mids
320-375$/oz for no-name nugs (usually GOOD shit tho)
350-400+$/oz for high grade named medical quality nugs

but now i pay 150-200$/oz for ak47, vortex, jack the ripper, sour choke, and ice from the grower (dried&cured)

and 340-390$/oz for mango, white widow, mendo purps, pineapple, purp kush, and pretty much anything i want from a bud that takes trips to cali every couple of weeks

i go with the 150-200 range ones usually, cali shit for an extra special treat sometimes


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oklahoma, 40-50 an oz decent smoke, good dro is 10 a g, then the medical cannabis 15-20 (sewage, medical purp, darthvader)a g but people sometimes offer 30 a g.


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in indiana you will pay 120 oz for some mexico girls and if you want the good stuff its around 270-300 an oz.
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