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What are you paying for an ounce?


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i plan on start growing in oct./nov. my box will be 4x4x6 feet and have 4 plant on a self hydro system. im on a hiatus from weed right now due to no money. got a few free smokes here and there though


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nv prices vary

crap oz goes for as little as 30bucks if u know the right guy if not its about 80-100

everyone is in the game of ripping ppl off tho so .5 ussaly is sold for 10$ no deals on what ever u buy some sell 3ghrams for 40 but hardly anyone who dont know u does that its either really good or reallly bad go up one block and have had the same shit for 2 years down a block and its the shittyist shit shit ever doesnt even smell right -

no one sells in quanity hardly here not good shit anyways
avrg for some nice fire and im saying very nice fire but not the og tripple og status bomb satan fire is 300 almost around there 330 its stupid cuz supply n demand every one gets busted too much

ps what happend to that one guy who got cought in north las vegas with 16pounds in 2001 theres some posts on this forum about it

my honest opinion is ppl here talk too much are too stupid and grow way too fast and harvest fast no one even cares ud be suprized the bullshit thats sold here

no ones honest no one - even ur homie who hooked u up got more then that for ur money and has 2 grams in his pocket trying to make u feel like a doush for smoking him out and givin him another gram for hookin u up everyone heres is to be watched with care
Well thats just shit bro....... your mates are dogs, that happends here too...
and it gives me the shits.... arseholes.:peace:


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Well over here in oz..... we pay $200-$220 an oz.... if your that way inclined... or just grow the shit in ya back yard and you get it for free!!!!:rasta:


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up in northern nj its not too "bad"

about 100-200 for mids heads about 300 if ur looking kush 410ish cali 450

thus anything with a name 300+ roufhly


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I just got an oz of flatbud regs for $65. My lucky day! The stuff is great and I've had same or worse at three times the price. I'm goin back for more. 2 hits out of the vape and still hungover next afternoon. It's time for those affected to think about hurricane supplies.
I have been eating so many of my mangoes, possible that has something to do with it.
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In my neck of the woods, an ounce of anything quality is anywhere between $520 per oz to $350 per oz, usually on the higher side.

I also have friends in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area that pay around the same, or a little less, about $300-$450 per oz for quality (i.e. - commercial/medical strains) and around $100 per oz for mid's, i.e. - "popcorn".
If you want the name brand stuff it will cost you here in Dallas. NYDiesel $400 an oz $110 a 1/4.............that's why I grow the good stuff.....can't afford to buy these days........besides it's cost effective in today's economy.:439:


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Spike wish I could find kush or durban for 300-400 oz...my 'guy' usually unidentified but clearly indoor grown stuff he classifies as good, very good, or rarely 'exceptional'. He charges me $140/qtr. or $25/gram...I totally need to grow my own or find a new guy...things are too dang dry at the moment, too.


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$100 for regs, $450 for kb.

Since I usually only smoke with a group a friends (unless I'm away for school), quantity is more important than quality, so kb is something of a rare treat.


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hear in alaska its 300 to 320 but if i grab a qp its 1100 so 275 on a zip but when i lived in pittsburgh i was payin 80 a zip for some purple kush and good p.a bud for some dirt 40 a zip and it was always dry witch in the year i lived in alaska i have only got one bag that was dry and half the time thers mold so its not smokeable :ganjamon:


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texas u have a spread from 150 ......... to as much as 600 for your higher quality named bud....... orange kush afgani kush etc.



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This time of year it can vary wildly. The outdoor stuff is showing up big. Hell,if you know a grower you can get sandwich bag stuffed full of sidebud and and shake for 40-50 bucks. Anyone here with any money and sense stocks up heavily for the year to come.

Its the same popcorn bud that will be selling around region for 200 and up an ounce as "mids" the rest of the year.

It sucks for the grower but the best deals here are from the guerrilla growers who miss on getting out to cull the males. Seedy potent bud for next to nothin' as regs for a few months keep the prices in line the rest of the year.

"Whaddya mean 180 bucks for this lightweight shit. That seedy-assed schwag that grows up the creek is half the price and it's 2 hits and quit."
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