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What are you paying for an ounce?


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I used to reside in the good 'ol commonwealth of VA. I do not miss the dry spells!
Don't say that! There's one right now!!! Or at least with my guy. He said he's not just dry, he's "Temporarily Down." What does that mean!?! This blows.. And I'm not sleeping well so I kinda need it right now.


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i sell mids for 130 then i get for myself when i got some extra money some good bomb shit that runs around 300 to 400 got a couple different hookups

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Just paid $50 a half for some good mids. Trainwreck is going for around $150 an ounce.


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Ugh...finally broke my dry spell with some ok mids my guy had at $20/gram. His main grower just got busted in WI so dryness in the forecast...


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The price paid for any cannabis is in the eye of the purchaser. As a 30+ year grower I find that an oz could go for 125 for a high grade "B" bud. Grade " A" going for as much as 200.00 per Oz.. In Hawaii the prices will vary from Grower to O'ahu street equaling an approximate values of:
Grower Wholesale: $2800 / Lb or $175.00 / oz for B+ grade Grade "A" can get you a 3200 / lb at this time of year.. Multiple pound sales from Grower to Wholesalers can get to a rock bottom of $2200.00 / Lb. this time of year. Mo' bettah wait till January to sell off crops..
Taken to Honolulu on O'ahu: $400.00 per Oz to 600.00 per oz.
Mexican Scwhag is still being smuggled into Honolulu / Maui it sells for 150 / 200 per oz..It comes in Matson Containers or loaded in Cars being shipped in from Los Angeles.


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Right now we are paying $85 for a 1/2 ounce. I really can't say if it is reg or fire or whatever, but I know that once we got like a 1/4 oz of "fire" and it really wasn't that great, in fact the reg stuff seems much better. We are now growing cause we are tired of buying through a "middleman" and seriously I am not even sure if the dude that is the middleman is jackin us and just keeping some of the money for himself. (Of course we get green in the end.)


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145 for decent bud, 175-180 for nice shit, and 200 for the crazy good weed like jack herer, and etc, in Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa is an awesome town. My wife is from there. I've noticed Canadian prices are almost twice US for good stuff, at least as far as Florida goes.
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