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What are your favorite strains?

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Mine are: Purple Kush, Romulan, White Rhino, Strawberry Cough, and Trainwreck. (Trainwreck, mostly because that's the first strain I ever smoked, and it ripped my brain to shreds, haha.)

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I tend to prefer the "sweeter" tasting buds....

Blue Dream, Huckleberry, Blueberry Haze, Cinderella 99, Purple Erkle and Kush

Other strains are plenty strong and do the job, these are just my favorites (BD and Huck. being the top 2).


Even though this is probably the millionth "Favorite Strain" topic in the past year (at least), I'll respond because I have a few new favorites.

White Pearl and Afghoo are my favorites as far as "fuck you up until you can't move" strains go. I'm also really fond of White Shark, it's a pretty great all-around high with a great taste (White Rhino would also fall under this category). Strawberry Cough is my favorite as far as taste is concerned, though...it's almost unbelievable through a vaporizer. Green Cr*ck is probably the most outrageous sativa I've ever come across: VERY energetic. I'd have to say my all-around favorite strain is NYC Diesel. Every time I've had it I've smoked with friends and had a blast: great for music, socializing, creativity, and just goofing off with fellow stoners.
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I live in IL, we dont have a sufisticated naming system its dank-mids-mexacian brick which comes in all different grades but usually has seeds in it. Basically when someone is trying to name something out where I live it is to drive up the price to 25 bucks a gram, and thus I dont get to enjoy knowing what I am smoking most of the time, well by name at least. Sometimes you can tell right away though because there is some distinctive features on different buds. Its not that the quality is terrible or worse out here, it is just that unless your dealer is growing the stuff himself or is really into bud, most of the time they dont know what they have.

Like I said though if something has a name out here, the dealers instantly drive the prices up on the stuff, its really stupid i know. I cant even pick out my favorite bud from last year because we smoked so many different varieties, the tootie frootie stuff we had smelled like what else but fruit loops, but I wouldnt exactly call it the best stuff it just had a nice smell, Blueberry we had was along the same lines. Then we had some super grade shit that was a dark green with crystals exploding all over it, which I can only describe as the best dank I have ever smoked. Me and my guys were first trying this shit and it knocked us on our ass, like we smoke a lot of good quality but this shit made me and my roomie pass the fuck out, guess a whole blunt of that stuff between just 2 people was just to much. lol. Finally you have your super skunk, that got us busted by the cops. It was triple bagged in a backpack and the cops still sniffed it out when my buddy walked up and down the halls.

Living here in IL isnt exactly terrible, because dry spells just dont happen like ever, but when it comes to buying a brand of bud, its just not the place you wanna buy, unless you want to pay more than what it should cost.
MO is the same way, were i am at it is just plain brick seeds and stems every once in a blue moon you might see a little fluff but thats it so i guess my favorite strain is well weed:35: