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What bowl to get?


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Hi guys, I'm new to this and like using waterfalls, but need to get a real bowl to use, and something that can be used to make a makeshift bong if I want to. So I have a few questions, what is the difference between 'soft' glass and 'pyrex' glass as per, jupitergrass

Also what is important in a bowl, as in what are the differences that I should be reading into for importance.
I see 9mm, 12mm, and I'm not sure what that means, nor what a 'fumed' bowl is.

"pull-out" vs. "slider" (which I think are the same thing?)

"diffuser vs. "down-stem"

If I were to buy a slide bowl, would that be sufficient to use for a bong, or would I need to use a down stem as well? Or however that would work.

Thanks for any help you guys and gals can offer.
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Thanks for the reply, but if it is a slide, then it wouldn't have a flat bottom correct? I think that's what I'll probably be going for. If you could help me out with the 9mm vs. 12mm (thickness?) that would be great, and what is 'fumed' glass and how will it affect the weed.

Thanks in advance.
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