What can be done from "Neem" light burn...semi severe?

Ok...Let me first off say I am completely new to growing medical cannabis, not new to gardening in general and I made the most ultimate dumb error ever and really damaged my ladies. I would really like some help from anyone who has had semi sever light burn to there ladies. I will not post everything what happened but if you go to my grow journal and just ready from may 8th until now, you will see the "horror photos".

In general, I had a fungus gnat issue, freaked out, and neemed the living ish out of my ladies....with the lights on (gulp_>smack!!) I fried almost all newer growth and some of the smaller fans, near the base of the fan leaf. (turned brown). see photos.. the next day they were FUBAR and the only thing I could think of was to with the lights off, mix up pure distilled water ph6.8 and douse the leaves 2 times to wash off as much neem as possible, thinking I may have also clogged the stomata and the ladies couldn't breath...

If anyone has experienced this, please take a look at the last 3 or 4 posts on my grow journal, link posted below, and let me know any tips, suggestions to bring my ladies back to a full strengh again.

Should I trim any damaged leafs? should I top the plants where there severely damaged? (most larger fans were un affected)

Thank you!!
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