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What can you think of that hemp could make?


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I guess I didn't ask the real question correctly. It is paragraph 3: Can medical mmj fulfill the needs of both industrial and medical simultaneously? If so or if not, I would like to know why and the ramifications there of. Thanks again, BOOGER
Booger: Let's define mmj and industrial:

mmj= medical marijuana (female plants)
Industrial HEMP= farming of the male cannabis sativa plant for industrial purposes (MALE PLANTS USED)

THerefore: If ALL cannabis were legal, we would fulfill mmj needs and industrial needs seperately.

mmj would not fulfill the industrial HEMP needs, as there are different strains of HEMP seed that yield different results. In Canada, they have seeds for hemp that can produce more seed, then they have a strain that produces excellent fiber. You WOULD NOT beable to achieve a cannabis strain to do both fiber and medicine. As for medicine, there are too many types of strains for many ailments,, it is very specific, also the farming of MMJ as medicine needs to be done in a sterile environment, treating it like a hospital , as mmj is usaully smoked and needs to be tightly controlled for quality, bugs, strength, all strains are different in their potentcy. MMJ needs to be carefully trimmed, groomed and sometimes processed into edibles as well. Industrial hemp on the other hand is that "INDUSTRIAL", a crop that would be handled by machines , retted , and processed for it's fiber, fuel mainly, also the HEMP PLANT IS MALE< the mmj plant is female, so it would impossible to get mmj out of "MALE" industrial HEMP. Hence where we run into the DEA's stance on all of CANNABIS. THey define HEMP(male) the same as heroin and cocaine. Once it's not up to the DEA to define what cannabis is, then we will have 2 economies 1. mmj (FEMALE PLANTS) 2. industrial hemp (male plants). But the DEA considers them both the same, but they are not. They killed 2 birds with one stone! JUST MAKE ALL CANNABIS ILLEGAL!
Hope that clarifies it a bit better.


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DAMNNNN ! TIN, you know what you be talkin' bout. Maybe my ramblin' won't hurt. HEMP was good, good, good until DuPont and Wm.Randolf Hearst got together an' said, hemp is lots better than what we got, it's gonna stop us from gettin' rich, so let's get our FRIENDS in Gov. to help us make this illegal in any shape or form. They did, they got rich, we get deprived of something put here by GOD because some (men) lower case intentional-had a vision of personal wealth by IMPRISONING regular citizens like YOU an' ME ! SO THERE :smokin2:


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Here's the next greatest idea, it's for your hemp futon Tin, somebody has got to make a Hempoflague Pattern for the cover, take hemp leaves and buds and make a camo pattern like Re@ltree or one of those other brands, it'll be awesome ! I wish I had the resources to do this,,I JUST thought of it ! If anybody out there does this,,use my idea and get rich, PLEASE throw me a bone, I'm layed-off and tryin to raise my daughters by myself:yummy:


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The list coud go on forever, I would like hemp 2 be legalized so we all could start injoying the wonderfull plant! Peace and bud


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First off, where can sell the crop raw? (California here) That is what is going to get the wheels turning for all of us. I eventually want to turn all mine into denim onsite. And at that point may buy raw stock. If anyone in these fields is into this please feel free to contact me... I am also interested in machines like I want to make my own blunt box, print hats,,, and plastics.
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