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What caused my girl to go to flower prematurely?

Rusty Victor

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What caused my girl to go to flower prematurely????? She's outside in a large planter, lots of sunshine, roughly 14 hrs a day still, she went to flower. I wanted her to be a small but stalky thing of beauty. No stopping this process? I do have 2 plants in this very large pot. 1 is a sativa and the other, indica, which is the one flowering. The other has no signs of going to flower and was thinking about bringing them indoors, under more controled lighting. Is this or will this start the flowering process in the sativa? I really don't have any true "High" expectations out of either of these plants. One more note, there is plenty of room in this pot for the both of them concidering how young and small they are. Can one of you experts tell me what direction to go? I wasn't ready to be a father but will take my fatherly duties to heart!!!!


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Its about the right time for flowering to happen during an outside grow, you would normally chop them down in Oct/nov


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It's totally normal, man. They flower by middle August usually, cause the day is getting shorter. Late comers sometimes start flowering in September.
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