What causes foxtailing

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It looks like small growth spurts on the top of a cola. See how mine in the pic looks like it has horns on it or they look like a fox's tail lol. I have read that it's a sign of ripening. But i have read different things about it. Was hoping someone could give me info on it
No it is not bad, but can make trimming a little more difficult. Foxtailing is either a genetic trait or it is induced from excess heat, it is not a sign of ripening to my knowledge.


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I ran lemon kush 3 times and they all fox-tailed on me,I believe its a genetic thing,nothing else in my garden has done it before or since.Did not impact taste,potency and some even thought,more bag appeal,it was something that wasn't seen everyday,in my area.

As was mentioned,little more time consuming,as far as trimming goes.