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What causes single finger leaves?

Mile Higher

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My 1st grow and I have Vortex, Angry ape(AK-47 X Grape Ape), Sour Blueberry(Sour Diesel X Blueberry) clones that were bare root transplanted to 1 gal pots 3 weeks ago. The Sour Blueberry is only growing single and 3 finger leaves. they were all transplanted the same time in the same soil mix and watered, nutes, and fed the same light(4-4ft T-5 6500K). the only thing was I put only this blueberry plant outside for a couple days and a strong wind came up and whipped and tore some leaves as you can see. but that was the 1st 2 days after transplant and they have been inside since. I will be putting these out for an outdoor grow starting next weekend. The only 2 things I can come up with is genetics, or stress from the mini tornado it endured. Any ideas?

The plants next to it are Angry Apes

Sour blueberry far right plant

The far left plant is also a blueberry with Vortex girls next to it. All look normal as far as I can tell but the single leaves baffle me.

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If the mother does not have 1 finger leaf that it was cloned from then it is just do to stress. It should grow out of it.

Mile Higher

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The clone did have 1 finger, and 3 finger, leafs when I got it. That's all that plant has from top to bottom. Didn't think anything of it because it had only 4 or 5 nodes when I got it, thought it was just young and normal. I have FIM'd, super-cropped, and LST'd all the plants and that one grows different from the rest. Guess its genetics. Here is the same plant a week ago on the right. You can see all the single leafs better.
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