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What do I do if my plants are growing too tall after flowering?


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Regardless of strain, the growth or stretch after switching to 12/12 will continue for about 1/3rd the entire length of the flowering cycle. So if they finish in 8 weeks, you have at least 2 and a half weeks of vertical growth to contend with after flowering.

Tie the top shoots down now! You don't have any other option if the plants are too tall for your space and you're already flowering... it's too late to trim them back and if you can't raise the light or lower the plants you have to tie them back.

Get some good staking points either on the plant containers or in the tray and pull down the tallest shoots until they are at a managable canopy level. They will revert back to top growth and be pointing up a few hours after tying them down. You won't get the big huge top colas but you will likely increase your yield.

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What if you want them to get large and tall?
What I would like to know if there is certain way to use Bamboo sticks?
I mean do you just jam them in the pot? I would hate to do that. Is there some way attaching the sticks without harming your plant? Also how tight would they be attached to the upper stem?
I've searched for the way to do it, but nothing really found. Thanks:439:


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I have the same problem, someone told me add more grow light. I hope I am doing the right thing adding more light and they are loaded with buds, I hope the lighting helps.


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if it grows to tall in my space,,, i kinda bend it over TRYING not to break it,,maybe like i kink,, works good,,, slows the cola down a bit but help the rest of the plant out,,bend it low enough so you won't have to bend it again... had to do this with some blue dream,,, worked out great..... good luck.....


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i didnt train mine and now im regretting not keeping them shorter. My plant is pretty 4' and the top is just about touching my light. The bottoms hairs are turning red/orange. But the top is still white hairs will turning hairs near the bottom of the top large bud.

Not sure if I should cut her down yet...?


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OMM, if you have Tall Plants inside or out, Bamboo will help to keep them standing upright just fine. If You want the pole to support the Main Stem and top, you have no choice but to stick the pole in as close to your stem, Vertically as possible. It really will not hurt your plant, it might tear a few Roots, but that is no Problem. Tie your plant with garden tape to the pole, tie it, depending on the size of your Plant, about every 5-6 inches, all the way up the Plant. Use garden tape, because it stretches with the stem, as it grows, and you will not have to deal with your stem growing weaker in certain spots, because it is to tight. If you are wanting to tie your lateral growth as well, I put bamboo Poles on all four sides of My Plant, spaced equally apart, using the middle of Your container as the center Point to keep everything equi-distant from each other. Then You can affix your Plants Arms to the Pole, to help it with not breaking. I f You are outside, this method will work, but if it gets really windy or rainy, You are gonna have to do damage repair irregardless. The Poles Just give you a place to re-affix Your broken Branches Too, if they break!!! I have found that tomato cages, then these surrounded by a Concrete wire Round cage, works the best to keep things from breaking, especially if you are Outside and You Have not Topped, Super Cropped, or Femmed your plants, and left them in the shape nature intended them to grow, as they grow this way to help in keeping the Plant together, compact and tight like nature intended. If you are indoors, you can use smaller bamboo for the same things, and not have to worry about weather, the Poles make wonderful things to tie Your extra Heavy Kolas to, so they do not snap and break. I hope this made sense OMM, if not, PM me and I'll try to explain it again. I sent You a Friend request, I do not Know if You got it, but it would be My honor to have you as a Friend. If You do not do that, I understand!!! Take Care OMM. SINCERELY, JAMESTHEGREEN.:thumb: Whoa, this a really old Thread, You Probably got this figured out long ago, SORRY, I should have looked at the dates. You Probably will not even get this!!! If You Do, CHEERS!!!


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This is how I am doing it with bamboo and gumby wire ..



You can see the one stem that was super cropped, and then I bent the ones passing it over just LST with the gumby wire and bam, I can pretty much keep everything even on the different strains.. took me a while to figure a way to make it easy and adjustable, I also use those plastic rings for vines as well and use the gumby wire around the bamboo and you can slide them up or down and adjust the plant..

This is better for me rather than having the LST strings down low where they get in the way of watering and trimming the lower part of the plant..


I will take some better pics tonight when they wake up to show it even better... I also did not add the bamboo until recently, and I could feel it going through the roots, but the plants showed no effect from it at all..


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I know this is such an old thread, I'm just praying someone sees this and can help me. I'm doing my first grow i have 2 NYC Diesel autos and a northern lights auto. One of each are only 47cms and in flower and my other one is like 87cms and nearly touching the light in a Christmas tree shape. I tried LST and tied all the bottom ones down and the grew outwards and upwards as they should but the main stem is my main concern, I want to increase my yield but worried it's too late as this stem is bendy but being so tall from the others I'm not sure how to train it or if it's even possible without blocking light to half the plant.

I am going to get the bamboo sticks as that's a fantastic idea to spread them but I'm also looking a possible shaded spot on the back end of the plant and I'm unsure how to keep the light even. I have a pretty powerful light a 700w 700parr viperspectra led and I'd hate to see my first grow go to crap because I misunderstood LST... I really don't want to end up with 1 oz off this huge plant, can anyone help?
If you click my name it should be able to direct you to my grow where there's photos of the plants taken last night. Thankyou.
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