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I’ve got this Beauty with three other homegirls under 1200w leds. Its my first time flowering, so just wanted to make sure I’m on the right track. Unfortunately I don’t know the strain but I’m sure it’s a sativa dominant. The pics were taken on day 20 of 12/12 flip. It’s almost 9 weeks from seed. I’m not expecting a big yield since I didn’t do much LST and didn’t trim early during veg so it’s not very bushy. It’s on a 1/2 dosage feeding schedule 3x a week with fox farms tiger bloom for now


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Good green! My sativa heavy's are drooping a bit like yours, not praying as much as they should be. I'm not sure if I'm overwatering or what, but I've had this strain running for a while now and they all seem the same. Finicky! Anyway, looking good, CHeers and GL! :yahoo:


Honestly, they do that when I get them out the flowering room for inspections. It’s a small shock but usually get back to praying when they go back in.
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