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What do you guys think?


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So, I was sitting here thinking of a previous thread where a guy said he spent 100$ a day on cannabis. I was going to re-pull the thread and suggest he quit for a week and give that money to a charity. And I got to thinking...

What if every smoker was to do this on a certain week. The money would be outrageous. But what charity? I thought and thought about which one would be best and the most obvious came to mind. Legalization/Decriminalization!!! We all share that in common and it would benefit us all.

Quitting for a week and donating that money to the cause would be so helpful to the movement. One, it will show the non-addictive qualities of cannabis since so many people all over the USA/world would quit at the same time. Two, it would show the amount of money is spent on pot a week, the numbers would be staggering. Three, money for the cause, advertisements, news plugs, getting the word out in general.

Now, this is just a thought that came to mind and it sounded good to me stoned. People that grow their own wouldn't be able to participate unless they sold and gave all proceeds to it? Or, gave something else up to build income. Maybe we could start this out on 420 and have the money go to the site? Hopefully it'd grow out from here and spread.

What are your guys thoughts? I don't know if it sounds as good of an idea to you as me.


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Sorry Berg. i grow and never will sell. Plus I'm dsabled with a fixed income so I don't have anything to share. I have written Obama and asked him to appoint a drug czar that promotes treatment over lock up and is open to reclassifying cannabis. I also asked him to stand up to his promise to end all raids using feds in states with medical cannabis laws. I'll do my part by writing letters and lobbying. I wish i could afford to contribute financially though. It sounds like a idea but I doubt too many will be willing to quit smoking for a week or to send in their hard earned cash.


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wow, a $100 a day? shame on the costs> the price is only what one will pay for something> or their perceived value of an object. after finally geting the privlidge to vote this year I have made efforts to write in to our local representitives, meet with them, and vote on our ammendment to have cannabis as a law enforecement lowest priority incepted which passed overwhelmingly. we can all make changes>


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I have to be honest, this is a really good idea. Maybe it could really bring us closer to being able to smoke a joint as freely as a cigarette on a sidewalk.


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and for those of us who are able to take a week off, the buzz on comming back would be increased. and post our stories here. and--------perhaps lower prices at the pharmacy.
now that thats over, back to reality.
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