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What do you think of these 2 plants on day 26?


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I am new to growing. Here are the 2 plants I am growing now.

The details for it
  • Northern Cheese Haze autos by mephisto on day 26 in 3 gallon fabric pots of coco coir with perlite
  • 32x32 tent with 240w kingbrite led quantum board on like 75% power at like 26" on 24/0
  • Temperature around 77-81f and RH around 50 - 55%
  • Mixed in dry fertilizer amendments with Dr. Earth Organic Tomato Vegetable 4-6-3 and Dr. Earth Bud & Bloom Flower Girl 3-9-4. The top plant has 75% 4-6-3 with 25% 3-9-4 with about 1/4 cup total of the fertilizer in the 1 plant like recommended on bag. The next plant has the same ratio of the dr earth but at half the level with 2 jobes 4-4-4 fertilizer stakes in it. I plan to top dress every 30 days or so when the plants need it on there.
  • I hand water daily with around 1/6 gallon of tap water to each plant with 4-5 ml/gallon of calmag with 1 ml/gallon of silicon that I ph to around 6.0 - 6.2. I do not drain any runoff I let it wick back up into the fabric pot. I was originally going to put these on autopots but now hand watering as I have bought the biotabs to use on the next grow with tap water only in the reservoir.
When I started I was using non ph tested water for the first few days and I did not put calmag in the water which I think caused calmag deficiency and ph issues. I then started ph testing the water and using gh ph down to put the ph around 6.2. I think that if I was to do it again I would mix in around half the level of dry amendments and top dress more often when the plants need it on there.

What do you think? Tips or recommendations? I have bought biotabs that I plant to use the biotabs line with silicium flash instead of orgatrex for the next plants I do in the tent on there.


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You have a nutrient defeciency. Might be Sulpher.

I'd mix 2 teaspoon Epsom salt to a quart of water and Foliar feed. Then add 2 teaspoon to a gallon of water and water.

Grab some superthrive as well and add one drop per cup of water. Superthrive will cover the other defeciencies that it could be.
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