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What Does Everyone Think About These 2 Strains


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What does everyone think about purlpe woody kush and L.A.confidental, does anyone know if the kush is a strait indica? i have really bad anxiety and the kush made me kinda freak out for a lil bit and i started to mellow out. I have not smoked in like a year and i was wondering if the bad reaction was because im not used to it anymore or if that just wasnt right for me? I just got my card today:smoke2:


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Congrats on the card and welcome to the site.If a particular strain doesn't sit right with you try another.It can verry well be from not smoking for a long time,and every person has differences in taste.Good luck and let us know how everything works out.

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I used to think that the Kush strains were middle of the road as far as potency, but after seeing what breeders have done with Kush strains, I have a far healthier respect for it's potency. Look at what the dispensaries are now charging for the OG Kush, and you will see how quality can justify a high price.
The LA Confidential is a power indica that won a prize at the Cannabis Cup, so it has a good rep.
Not having smoked in a year will mean you will notice very potent pot a lot more. Perhaps you might want to ease back into things with less potent strains to start, and then find what works best for you.
Good luck.


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just don't smoke so much...
walk before you run...
start out with a couple small hits...
ease yourself back into it...
sativa strains will give you more anxiety than indica strains will...
anytime you smoke a potent strain, after being clean for so long, you will get high as hell...
you need to work your way back in slowly...
if anxiety kicks in, breathe deep for a minute and stop thinking...
it's ALL in your mind.


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thanks for the feedback guys i noticed that if i smoked less like 1 to 2 hits i was fine and didnt reallt freak out. i wouldnt have bad effects if i started smokin the kush and then switched to the L.A.? what are some good indicas that i could try?:smoke2:

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herijuana lol hahaha jk dont try that if you freak out...well maybe cuz u will probly just fall asleep. try mango by kc brains and tell me how it is. that is if you want to do a little "research" for me

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It is 60/40 indica dominant. I just finished a grow with the WW and it is a great smoke, that will not dominate your body or mind. Comes in at 19% THC


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misspennylane i have anxiety also (comes and goes.. depends on what im smoking).. and the one that is guaranteed to make you feel good (in my opinion) is ken's grandaddy from the bay area.. let me clarify.. Grandaddy is not the same as Ken's Grandaddy.. i see SO MANY fake grandaddy's around now adays at the collectives.. but ken has his collective open in the richmond area under the name "GDP Collective" or "Grandaddy Purple Collective"... make sure you get kens grandaddy... its solid purple, very dense, and the smell and taste are the best in the world.. dont fall for the imitators. even the ash rip tastes grapey. and for me personally.. it makes me more focused and super relaxed.. i dont feel high, i feel like everything is alleviated and i can function normally (very happily) in life... long term sativa smoke will definately bring anxiety.. most kushes bring me anxiety in large doses or long term use.. the thing about the grandaddy is if you smoke a lot of it for a long time u start to get slow i guess is a good word for it.. dont want to do much, just chill and enjoy how you feel... so a good sativa is good to throw in the mix every now and then to bring you back up.. i really like the master kush.. or some blue dream made me feel very nice.. woody diesel was good too. i think the diesel strains are a good sativa personally.. back on the indica's im going to try to get a clone of the Strawberry cough x Deep Chunk from Blue Sky in oakland.. (although the genetics are really NorCalGoo x Deep Chunk) it is SUPER frosty.. like a box of sugar poured on top type frosty.. and the smell and taste are amazing.. the high is a strong indica, definately something to go to bed to... it flowers in about 6-7 weeks and produces small yield, but what it does yield is the most amazing weed you will ever see.


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Hey Guys, namely "sidewing". Im growing some kens Grand Daddy purple right now. You should check it out 420 Magazine ®. You know its legit when I picked the clones up from the richmond gdp collective. Ive actually talked with ken a few times.


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Penny,I laid off for years when my kids were growing up. Some toking w/ my relatives if I could make our yearly fishing trip,but that was about it. Just take it light for the first month or so. My re-introduction to weed went like this;

I was at a 4th of July party for a radio station I'd worked for in the late 70's,a few years back. They brought back some of the old on air talent for a remote broadcast from a riverside park where the city's fireworks display was going to be held.

A guy I used to work with had some nice looking weed that he called "mids". He asked me if wanted to try it. I figured,"It's a few hours before air time,I'm spending the night in the hotel across the street,why not?"

We went inside a little air-conditioned Winnebago the station had set up for it's personnel to chill out in. I did four little tokes out of a one hitter and couldn't form a sentence for nearly three hours. I managed to get my act together just before we went on the air for a remote broadcast.

A few weeks later I'm at the funeral of an old friend. One of the guys had come in from NorCal,I hadn't seen him 25 years. After they lower our friend in the ground,a few of us are standing around,including the Cali guy who whips out a bowl and some bud. My wife is waiting back at the car for me,but these guys are my childhood friends.I had to take a couple of social tokes.

I didn't know much about the modern strains of weed,so when one the guys asked him what was,and he replied "Kush",it didn't mean much to me. I took exactly two hits from the bowl,when I heard the car horn and one the fellas said,"You better get goin',your wife looks pissed." I turned around,the world kind of tilted, my knees gave out and I went head first into a bunch of bushes.

Tore up my good suit,everyone is laughing,and I'm trying to get out of the bushes,but I'm making no progress. The guys get me out,my wife is stompin' over,when my Cali buddy sticks the baggie in my hand and says,"You're gonna need this later." I shove it my pocket about the time the wife gets over. The smell of the smoke hits her and she's eyeballing all of us,saying "Aren't you guys a little old for this shit?"

I'm in the doghouse big time,but I'm so lit I don't care. That hour and half ride home went by like days,but what do I care,I'm buzzed,don't have to sweat driving and I've got those two little nuggets in my pocket.

That night I'm lookin' at those two nugs and I head to the back porch and sit down in a deck chair. No falling for me this time,I'm thinking.

I break off a lil' chunk of one of the nugs and fire it up. Boom!!! I get one huge hit,start coughing and drop the pipe. I can see the pipe I can see the smoldering ember,so I get up to snag both. I push myself out of that chair and keep right on going to the floor.

Luckily the pipe was saved,but I never saw the ember again. Back in the chair, check myself to make sure I'm not bleeding,take another couple of light tokes from a new chunk and all is right in the world. I woke up to the birds singing just before dawn.

I chuck the pipe in the bottom of the trashcan and head in to take a shower. As I'm getting out my wife comes in. She say's "I don't remember you being that bruised up yesterday?" I reply,"I must have fell harder than I thought?"

Later in the day I went down to the local head shop and picked up a one hitter. It took me nearly three weeks to get through those two little nugs,about a gram and a half of weed. I was up to a mighty three light tokes when that stuff ran out.

I've been back on the weed ever since as it's the only thing that reliably kills the back spasms I get as the results of nerve and muscle damage sustained from epileptic seizures over the years.

No tolerance and killer weed can bite you. It can shove you into bushes,too.
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Do everything above... youll be okay!

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Does anyone have info on any of these 3 i.e. 'Satori' , Silver Haze #9, Chill-OM. My issue is have a clear, creative head with 20- 25% body calming. I liked 'Humboldt' the one time I tried it.
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