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What does getting high feel like to you?


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Hey everyone, I'd really like to ask an overall question of what getting high feels like to you, and why you enjoy it?

For me, I once had a high from a certain strain that made me feel really, really happy, giggly, and wide-eyed, gawky and lovey yet quite clear-headed and able to keep on my feet, and I loved it.

Other times, a high has been something a bit more muddle-headed and loopy, but bearable and a bit of a unique twist different from being drunk... but nothing special.

And some times, it's pretty much hell, bad-trip city and just a sick, locked-up, nervous feeling.

I'd like to see what everyone describes their highs like! Personally, I wish there was some strain that'd make my body feel very light and cool, and sort of my mental perception to be very open and lovey and relaxed... dunno if weed really has that possibility!

As a bonus question, I'd like to ask... I've been clean for months, but took a couple tokes of a strain I really wanted to try last night. Inhaled one toke and pretty much just mouthed the other two. I'm 125lbs and 5'4, early 20's, so I figure I'll be clean here in like 5 days or so... anyone ever been in a situation where they were clean, smoked a couple puffs, and it ended up causing dirty piss for like weeks on end? I don't imagine it happening, but I hear a lot of strange mess.

Thank You!


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Re: What does getting high "feel" like to you?

Well there are diff kinds of plants n ive been smokin since i was 15 n in the last couple years actually took an interest in everything... still learning i cant remember if theres a third one but 2 major types of cannabis is sativa and indica... sorry i cant help with more search but im typing at 2am... one type of weed gives u a body high of kinda a floaty but calm and relax n overall happy feeling the other is a head high which ur more coherent to ur surroundings but feel lik shrugging things off moreso than a body high... i guess i could relate to a bad high too cuz ive been in spots where ive smoked a just felt dizzy n couldnt go to sleep (also my pregnancy was smacked in there too)
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