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When growing with CFLS

Your plant's leaves are all facing upwards and inwards, kinda like a funnel type shape overall.

They dont seem that they are unhealthy, and the last time I grew they grew like that with the lights, but I dont see anyone elses grow's like that, and mine are just bagseed so its not the strain.

Anyways, i think its just them being very acceptable to the light source, so they kinda close in (not wilting) and make a funnel with its leaves.

I dont know if this is hard to image, ill try and take a pic.


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A pic would be nice but the plants do love to go straight for the CFL lights you might want to add more lights one on top and maby 4 on all sides so all the leaves no not have to fight for the same light source. It would be nice to see a pic also because it could be a defficiancy where the leves curl upwards kinda hard to tell with no pic.:rasta::rasta:


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When Cannabis is properly hydrated, they reach just like you are describing. The reason you don't see it a lot is becuase most people over water, and the leaves are not reaching at all, or they are drooping with water saturation. Sounds to me like you are doing it right. But a picture is worth a thousand words :)
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Thanks boss, I think your right, im just having a good setup.

I grew some real good nugs last time, you can search for my grow log, I had to stop updating very shortly though, camera broke but I have a new one now, Im just waiting for my seedlings to get about 3 weeks before starting the Grow Log 2
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