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What does this forum think about alternatives?

Seeking hope

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Since finding out my mom has lung cancer i have done nothing but research and it seems i can never reach the end. There is the chemo, and there are the alternatives.

It has been really hard to me to come to a conclusion who is right, who is wrong, what ACTUALLY works, and what each of the motives are for each of these treatment categories. Whether its lies, corruption, hiding the cure, or chemo actually being poison that helps and it isn't the money maker that people seem to make of it is really hard for me to decide.

There is no doubt i believe cannabis oil is definitely a treatment plan for cancer patients. I am doing everything i can to get my mom started asap. But going back on my topic, there seems to be endless amounts of other natural cures that people swear by and doctors as well. I was wondering what this forum thinks on that.

For example, the all vegetable/fruit diet, the baking soda protocol, the hydrogen peroxide protocol, the laetrile protocol and so on and on. Each seems to have its own forum and success stories. What do you guys think? Even forums where people don't believe in any other treatment but chemo and swear that there is nothing else better than chemo and its the only "scientific" proof out there for any type of effectiveness.


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Much aloha to you for your passionate devotion and support of your mom in time of her greatest need. :circle-of-love:

I don't have cancer but have under gone chemo for a crippling auto immune condition. Your mother has to make her own decision as to how she wants to proceed in her medical treatment. If she chooses to undergo chemo, you can be there for her to remind her how beautiful she is when the chemo begins taking her hair and giving her internal issues. You can help her decide if her quality of life is better without the chemo. You can help her explore alternative treatment plans as you are doing now as she may be too exhausted or overwhelmed to do so on her own. Your mom is incredibly lucky to have a child as sweet as you as the greatest medicine is love.:love:


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KEFIR KEFIR KEFIR, Personally I love the stuff.
My wife and myself have been culturing it since not long after she was diagnosed with cancer.
A good friend put us onto it and after much research we decided that there was nothing to lose and everything to gain. The only differing info on the net I could find argued over its effectiveness, but nothing going I could find debunked it in any way. So how good it is for you is debatable, but the fact that it IS GOOD FOR YOU wasn't really ever up for question.
A superfood for the price of milk, it's a no brainer for me, and it compliments pretty much all other treatments nicely with no bad interactions that we have found thus far.
Oh....and it's slightly alcoholic.....which is probably why I love it so much.
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