What effects happen if I change from organic nutrients to synthetic nutrient?


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Currently using [Plant magic pro mix] with Perlite, Vermiculite, Bat Guano and Fish + bone meal soil with [Plant magic old timer Grow + Bloom] nutrients, if i change to [Plant magic Grow and Bloom] synthetic nutrients how will this effect my plant if i am half way trough a cycle already?

What happens to the organic matter in the soil such as bat guano and Fish + Blood bone meal? will they not be avaliable to the plant?

Can i ignore the organic matter and wont add or burn my plants with my feeding schedual?

Any advice would be great and hope to get this solved soon.

Thanks guys 420Steve OUT!
Your organic nutrients is a slow release what you want to do is flush out the organic nutrients your last flush then PH the water that way you start clean and can change your nutrients to synthetic,chemical fertilizer
Hey Serpent,

Thanks for the response, its quite simple then i thought it was alot more complicated, i got another question for you, If i wanted to use [Plant magic oldtimers Grow and Bloom] can this be use with other benifical non organic nutrients such as bloom booster, root stimulator ect?

I look forward to hearing from you,

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Thats a good question i got some Old-timers lol i love the unique formula is derived from plant material, not only recycling , but re-using the power of nature to enhance new growth also act to feed the fungi and micro-organisms that are beneficial when I'm veging then i switch to GHP for flowering i use the root stimulator and other stuff with old-timers i never had a problem i would still use it but i ran out and its hard to get in Canada its a UK product
Hey Serpent,

Is that general hydroponics synthetic? or do GHP do organic?

Thanks 420Steve out!

They have both its call General Organics if you check there wed site they have some good info i use it all the time its easy to mix then other Organics stuff
Hey Serpent,

Just did abit of research around organics and i am looking for more yeild and i heard synthetics are or can be better then organic, however i got back to the same questions if i use [Plant magic oldtimer grow and bloom] what benificals can i use and not use does one cancel the other out?

Vice versa if i use [PM synthetics nutes] can i use organic benificals or will it not work at all?
What are the organic benificals? Catalyst, granuels ect
What are the normal benificals? Root stim, bio silcon ect
Can they be used together?

420Steve out!
For a better reply theres a guy i know on 420 Mag villagidiot and kidgrow42 they will know 100% and I'm sure a few other my problem is i been using GPH for 10years so i don't know the in and outs of some nutes but i have mix GHP synthetics with GPH organic and never had a lock out and they work fine together thats GHP but your type of nutes may not react the same way ?? your using oldtimers organic right ??
Yeah using old timers at the moment but i think i want to go synthetic for bigger yeilds but what additives can i use are some only avaliable with organic regieme ect vice versa
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