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What exactly is 'inside-out' work? Why does it seem so much more expensive?

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Most glass pipes have a color pattern of some kind on the outside surface of the glass (which is often encased in one or more layers of externally added glass). So called 'inside-out' work usually refers to glass that has the color patterns on the inside surface of the glass. Putting the work on the inside looks much more attractive and here's why: the entire color pattern is magnified by the thick layer of glass between the outer surface of the glass and the pattern. Also, as the inside work melts flush with the inner surface of the pipe, the color patterns 'sink' into the glass causing beautiful 3 dimensional structures to appear deep inside the glass - a look that's impossible to achieve with just outside work. Working on the inside is much more difficult and time consuming for the blower, making pieces done this way much more expensive than their outside worked counterparts.
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