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what gives?


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so 2 days ago I uploaded a news report on mark emery.. and it never got approved.. now there is another news report up about it by someone else?? why was mine not posted first.. I went out of my way to find that?? are only news hawks allowed to post news???

sry I am confused.. I wont bother to look for news thats not posted anymore if it wont be appproved for days...or at all ... is this how our system works?


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If I'm not mistaken, only a NewHawk can post threads in the news section. Users can post replies without any problem. If you posted a thread, its now waiting to be approved, just like pictures are (but in different section ofthe control board).

We are always looking for new people to join the News Team, if you are interested in being a newhawk, please contact 420 by private message. ;)
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