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What good soil & nutes to get from Bunnings?


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So I was planing on growing later this year but im a newbie to growing and dont know what soil and nutrients or fertz. Does anyone know where I can get some from Bunnings for not too much money?

Also what are some good, cheap strains to get that grow good here?


Well I would Suggest Fox Farms Organic soil Ocean forrest works very well. And the Nutes I would suggest Advenced Nuterients sensi grow and bloom A&B this is for both flower and and veg For $60 on Amazon. You can get the Foxfarms oceanForrest for a 12 qt bag runs $15 or a 1.5 CU Ft for $37 on amazon. And remember when it comes to seeds the cheepest are not the best route to take. Remember to pick a strain that matches edge on growing. looking forward to seeing picts of your grow Journal.
Dont think Bunnings carries any of those. But I would start with tomato seedling potting mix from Bunnings about $7 for a 15 litre bag. For watering when the plants a little mature just use nitrosol, $12 a litre. Grown some outdoor beauties with that combination.
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