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What happens when you are high?


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Well now that i have been an everyday smoker for about a solid 5-6 months now, iahve noticed that whenever i smoke i get a "headache" or a strong chest pressure. Sometimes its just the headache and sometimes its just the Chest pains? does anyone else get this and know how to get rid of it? I was told it happens becuase of ciggarette smoking but i have smoked and nothad ciggarettes and it only helps a little bit....any suggestions or answers would be great!


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I have gotten a headache before, I just don't buy from that person anymore, or make sure they have different stuff. I only buy from people I know fairly well so I usually have no problem making sure I get the good stuff. :439:


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I used to get chest pains and head aches several years ago when I was smoking each & every day, usually all day. During those times however, I had no job and nothing really to do besides getting high. So I put this down to abuse of the drug, and the fact that I had nothing else to do with my life. I think boredom can be a strong contributor towards anxiety problems for all cannabis users and non-users. I've cut my smoking down drastically these days, only weekends or mid-week if I have the free time and free day to follow, or a not too physically and mentally draining day.

My advice is cut down, or take a break for a while :) Analyze why you are smoking? Are you smoking too much? Do you have other things in your day to day life to keep you mentally stimulated? As well as satisfying your physical, emotional and spirtual needs?

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