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What HPS to purchase for grow tent


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hi guys im in a right dilemma here i have a tent 3x3x5 been vegging with cfls been doing a great job now im switching to flowering soon and want to get a hps i need to know what wattage to get as in coverage for 4 plants temp issues and how i may resolve them.air cooled etc etc many thanks


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I think id want a dimmable digi if i was stuffing a 600 in that size tent.

Got A/C? ;)


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My girls are in a 3'11 by 3'11 and 6'7 in height and run a 600W hps and could see going bigger. The reason I say that is because my hood only shoots 2'5 by 2'5, deep penetraiting. The light is not air cooled and run a 4 in vortex and have no problem with heat. I would love to stuff my tent with new hydrofarm phantom/raptor.
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