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What if all the fan leaves are gone?


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I got some plants and most if not all of the fan leaves are gone, but its not ready to harvest. Will it die. some of the leaves from branches closest to the buds, these are what, the sugar leaves?or are those also fan leaves? anyway, the buds and its closest leaves which i know are sugar leaves they are fine, the ones that grow out from there, what are those. still sugar leaves, or those new fan leaves? and if i have lost all my big leaves... can this plant still grow? or do i risk going outside one morning and it be dead?
thanks guys, im new here... my name is Phil but my friends call me "Lip"... i dont care either way...


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First, what happened to the fan leaves? That's something you'll want to figure out for your next grow to avoid this problem. (Every grow you do, make sure you learn who, what, where, when, why, and how, of all the problems you encounter, so it makes the next grow easier)

How old are the affected plants?
Have you examined trichomes yet? What is the ratio of clear/cloudy/amber?

The leaves you're talking about are the sugar leaves. But you can have fan leaves grow out from the bud sites as well. These will have a longer petiole (stem).

The plant can still grow, but most likely at a decreased rate, which can have some effect on overall yield and potency.
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