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What in the world is going on here?


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I've been looking around and I cannot find anything about this thing that has happened to one of my plants. It was harvested early and I got a shock when I saw the "fake seed pods" had ecrited some kind of resin... Looks like amber :) I've never seen this before or heard of it, so I'm hoping some of you guys can help me figure what what's going on...
The plant is a S.A.G.E and Seni Star cross with some unknown genetics in it too...

Thx for any info you guys can give me :)
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Re: What in the world is going on here ???



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Re: What in the world is going on here ???

yes... the fake seed pods are filled with this amber like resin and it's already become hard... Yea it's really weird... That's why I wanted to ask some the more advanced growers in here...


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If its coming out of unpollonated seed pods and the bud isnt mature, maybe its seeds producing, or trying with something wrong. did you have any males growing near it?


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Yes it's coming out of the unpollinated seed pods and if I look in the seed pod it's also in there... Well I don't have any males near, but there's a small chance of it being infected by a hermi... But actually I don't think it's been pollinated... I've never had any problems making seeds and I'm doing it now and none of those plants are excibiting this trait... It's doing something strange for sure...

It wouldn't surprise if this plant is able to create more amber than regular trees, but it is nothing I've seen before... On guy on another forum told me of a grower that also got this trait on his plants and he was over the moon about it... So I still dunno what's going on...

I've only been using water and a little super vit so there's nothing special there... If it happens again I'll let the plant mature completely to see how it looks and send some more pics... BTW the dried material still has these amber like globs :)


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Look for very tiny (can't see 'em) crawling insects that look like they might be ever-so-slightly flesh-toned under a whitish outer color. Kind of like an armordillo in that it'll look like it has "plates" or bands across it. Slow-moving and likely to be found stationary with its teeth(?) piercing the plant.

Whatever they are (I either don't know or have forgotten, lol), they leave tiny wounds that can ooze sap like that.
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Oy - I have no idea what's up, but if i were a betting man, i would say you have some pests.

you need to dive in and see if you can see some creepy crawlies.

yikes, that is a gross looking plant right now, isn't it?


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First was going to suggest it had to be related to the seed section of the plant, but then the secretions. What could account for that? Did you notice insects? If not, then the plant itself may be malformed somehow-which is very odd in itself.
Check out a local grow shop, don't take the plant their maybe take a pic or just describe the problems. Other growers may be having something similar in your locale, eh? Good luck.
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