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What is 420 - Transforming the Universal Code into a Collective Consciousness


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Just got here,can u believe it!!!e been. Smokkin since "72" a lid

Was 4 fingers. N. 10 bucks thanks. Everyone know heow. Pot can cure!!!
420 60 I was 420ing before 420. Love ya thomthom


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This passage from the bible, whether the origin of 420 or not, is beautiful. I am currently reading the bible for the first time and although I have not reached this passage yet, when I get to it, I will definitely be thinking about 420 origins. I will also probably hit a joint then. Thanks for great and informative article and this amazing reply.


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Woow, even the passage from the Bible! I must find this! For sure I won't tell: "Four hundred and twenty what?" I know meaning of it, especially after reading this article and after I have learnt many new things about it!
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