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What is a Caregiver - Is that someone who grows for me?


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I'm a desperate breast cancer/mastectomy patient dealing with very severe chronic pain/nerve damage!!

Currently unable to work, and after a very long, protracted court battle, I finally won and am collecting Social Security/Disability. And my MMJ is costing me 25% min.of my income buying from dispensaries.

Growing for myself is not an option. Can anyone tell me if I can get someone to grow for me? Is that what is called a Caregiver? Truly I'm dead serious!
Can someone please tell me a way to cut my MMJ expense? :thanks:


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From my understanding, a caregiver is someone that grows Cannabis, and is well read in ailments, and which strains work best for each.

I'd actually suggest concentrated Cannabis oil for you. I would choose a strain with a strain with a high THC and high CBD level, The THC works great to kill cancerous cells, and the CBD is amazing for pain.

This is how the oil is made: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/cannabis-oil/217726-how-make-concentrated-cannabis-oil.html

And this is the correct dosing tutorial: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/cannabis-oil/217727-cannabis-oil-dosing-tutorial.html


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Thanks for the suggestion on the. Oil. I'll have to look into it once I figure out the least expensive way to purchase mmj. Until this week I purchased my mmj from one local dispensary in Sherman Oaks. It was expensive for me, but they gave me the best price. Unfortunately they were shut down last week. I don't know where to get my mmj now! What a bummer!!!!

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Looks like it might be California. That's the only result I can find for Sherman Oaks.

Same here. I said that to try and help with what she is looking for. If you are looking for help saying the state your in will help you big time..


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Hi Mel, I'm in the same predicament as you, but I live in New Mexico. Dispensaries charge up to $15/gram for a high THC strain, and after a year in the program, I estimated it would cost me around $1,800 per month to purchase what I would consider an "adequate supply." Of course, I can't afford this. Nor could I afford the annual renewal for the program, which consists of seeing two different doctors (for "severe chronic pain") at around $300+. And now, the program wants to add a $50 annual cost for the card.

It is impossible to go from paying $10 or $20 co-pays for a month's supply of my medications, to paying $15/gram.

Unfortunately, I am unable (and unwilling) to grow my own, so now I'm looking to move to a state that has collectives or co-ops, so that I can find a caregiver to grow me some good bud. Since you're in California, and that state allows co-ops, I don't understand why this option is not available to you.

If anyone on this website can direct Mel to the information for where to find these caregivers or co-ops in California, it would really be helpful to all of us.
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