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What is a "Grass-hole"? - Stoner Lexicon

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A lot of new 'stoner' words have been floating around lately that will some become a part of common english usage. I've listed 3 below and was wondering what other stoner terms have become colloquial expressions.

High-onized - a state of being 'switched on' by premium dank, rather than being 'stoned'.

Grass-hole (anus cannabis)
So a friend you trust has just offered you a free bag of weed. You take a bud out and proceed to critique it’s low resin content, it’s poor color, it’s small size and, after taking a test hit, pronounce that it’s “schwag”. If you keep the bag anyway without offering him a few bucks for it, you are a grass-hole.

Canna Moth (canna parasiticus) - a prevalent problem in the stoner community. These moths are drawn to a full mull bowl and can smell weed for a 25km radius. They arrive with no weed and no provisions, and can consume a bowl in 5 minutes. They are hard to dislodge and have thick skins.


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I feel like a canna-moth right now..

though I did throw down on some bud the other day and shared it with the people that shared with me even though I've been out for a couple months...sharing is caring..now we need more ....damn it...lol


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Very interesting! I like it.

I've been High-onized more then once. I'm sure that Brazilian Haze it doing a great job on you mate ;)
I've never been a grass-hole, cuz I've never accepted schwag, lol. I'm a weed snob, what can I say!
I've never been a Canna Moth, but I've been a victim of many. Especially at parties, that's where they hang out...
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my mate is a definite canna-moth. probs used about an ounce of brown and about 20 quids worth of green from me in the past month, cant wait till friday, its his pay day and hes buying me 1 ounce of white widow


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I never switch to 420 unless I'm High-onized while surfing the net.:cool027:


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tbh he does share when he gets some, but he doesnt really like buying it so hence why i always end up doing it, means i can always get a free smoke in return though
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