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What is an idiot proof way to germinate seeds?

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I used to sandwich technique. I wet soil half-inch thick in a sealable bowl I place my seeds on top of the wet soil. I cover the soil with a dry mix a quarter inch. I seal the bowl for 24 hours. I didn't open the bowl and let the lid rest on the top for small amount of air circulation. Over the next 10 days your seeds will start to pop. Keep an eye on us soil so that it does not dry out. I use water sensitive soil that will go from light brown the dark brown water. At this point is very important to give them a little water so I use a measuring spoon and I give him a half teaspoon at the base on the seedling as needed. If you're using soil that is water sensitive it will go from a light brown to a dark brown with water. So when it goes to light brown water.
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