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What is black and white poly and how do I use it?


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Black & White poly (6mil) is very tough, reflective (The white side reflects 90% of all light) and can be handled on a daily basis without damage or tearing. It is also a good choice for partitioning off spaces ensuring maximum efficiency of your lighting.

Please note:
A "mil" is not a millimetre, it is another standard of measurement used to describe film thickness in the plastic film and poly bag business. Using a micrometer a mil measures @ .001 inch

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I just bought a 10x25' sheet to create extra temp grow rooms in my basement. Only $28. It will create 2 rooms 4'x8'. Heavier than regular plastic sheets, it doesn't get blown out of place by fans. Allowing me to rotate several grows at different stages. If I had to build finished rooms for each phase it would never happen, and tents are too expensive for one-time expanded grow (juicing plant a day for 60 days, staggered harvest makes single flowering room impractical. Fought with hanging two sheets of plastic (black outside, white inside) pain to hang and use.


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I have used the Panda film to divide my tent too. It does not tear like the Mylar which is great. I also put it up with a staple gun on walls in my flower room, hold it well, went up fast that way and if you are careful with the staples, reusable. I made PVC dividers with the panda film taped to it, yes with the tape they sell for it as movable dividers to help divide space for changing lights, works like a dream as the panda film is durable.
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