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What is going on here? Help Please.


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Same soil, yes

Mid section, fan blades only show the deficiency. The leaves on the branching are healthy on all sections, upper and lower.

I ALWAYS Shake my mix daily, to keep is fresh, well I try to at least I may have missed a day or too without shaking it up.

Answers your questions?

Aunty G

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K deficiency

More likely K deficiency thru lockup .. Leaves look very green for day 38
Tips are starting to burn and curl under..

Flush properly
Feed a 25% strength Nute Solution

Then Water till harvest (possibly another light feed depending on progression)

Hope this helps


Aunty G

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You want to use at least double your medium size to flush .. 3gal pots = 6gal flush

You don't have to use distilled water, simple tap water will do just as long as you ph back down the soil after your flush..

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