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What is going on with my plants? Any ideas?


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This is my second grow and I am almost ready to switch to flower but want my plants to be in great shape before I do. I'm having a couple issues I can't sort out. The plants were doing awesome,then I found some spider mites. I sprayed a neem oil mixture. Maybe I had it too strong, because the plants fell on their faces after that and havent came all the way back. I also soaked the hell out of them with the first application.Next I diluted the neem solution by 1/2 added some rosemary,tobacco, and mint tea and fogged the room every 3 days for 2 weeks. Alot of leaves fell off, I assumed from the first overkill spray. They have started to grow again,and most of the new growth looks pretty good, but there are alot of droopy leaves still going on. Along with some yellowing. My ppm's were at 1000, but I just dropped them to 700 with a res change.
I'm posting the pictures to see if anyone can steer me in the right direction. Any help is appreciated. I don't want to switch these to flower until they are all doing great.
The pics in good light are my mother plants that are having a couple issues too.

Flood and drain with rockwool 4x4 tray 5x10x7'tent
floroduo,rapid start,superhtrive,and calimagic also peroxide to kill snot slime
filtered water starting at 0ppm @ 700 ppm in res that is 27 gallon ph 5.8
temps 73 to 84. 41-53% RH
1 1200 watt led and 2 150 watt leds 4' above plants
6" 425 cfm fan always on pulling heat from inside top 10" of tent.
silver surfer haze,holy grail kush,and super lemon haze



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I'd try backing off to 500 PPM for a bit and increasing humidity a little - somewhere in the 50%-70% range until flower then reduce it back to current levels


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I did a res change and backed off ppm as suggested. Ill give it a few days to see how they react. I was hoping for more replies. Especially about the markings on leaves. Thanks for the input.
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