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What is LST?


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Hey fellas I'm new to growing and I saw a thread about LST and was wondering what that means. Also how do u "supercrop" a plant?


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low stress training. basicly pulling a limb away and tieing it so that the under neath branches get light. theres probably a link with a diagram to show lst and super cropping hope this helps. go down to the search and click go and type it in you should be able to find what your lookin for.


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Thanks man, I heard of tying down some branches to help others grow but never called it lst. Learn something new everyday :tokin:


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Here's a link to a decent post about super-cropping - there may be better descriptions, but this is how I have always understood it. (Note, I don't think the original posters description was correct, so I perma-linked a better description in a post below the original...) There is a video, too.

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Hope this helps. For what it's worth, I personally prefer lower stress ways to train (like LST). There are a lot of Super-croppers, though, that would never go back from it, so -- who knows!
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