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What is "Medical Grade" Marijuana

Green Utopia

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Hello wonderful folks of the 420 community. I am going to try to broach this subject with tact and elegance, but I'm not making any promises.

First, let me say that I am a HUGE proponent of Cannabis for medical purposes. I have been using it to effectively treat an inherited arthritis in my back for over twenty years. I have CAT scans and medical records out the wazooo.

I also use it to help with chronic Insomnia.

I also use it as an anti-depressant.

So I like medical cannabis.

But I am really confused and possibly concerned by the distinction that certain strains are somehow more appropriate for medical use.

Now let me explain that a little. I absolutely agree that there are characteristics of certain strains that should be matched with the appropriate ailment and/or patient. And I understand that certain strains have been better stabilized for consistency - which is key for medicinal use. But, being the well educated community that we are, we know that its the combination of THC and CBDs that really determines the effects. And its the grower that determines consistency after more than 1 generation.

So it seems to me that when seed companies and others refer to a particular strain as being "medical grade" that this is really more of a marketing ploy. And one that may hurt the cannabis world in the long run, by removing the responsibility from the grower.

What I mean by this is that I will happily take a seed with slightly lower THC, and not marketed as "Medical Grade" that is then grown properly and harvested at peak ripeness - over a "Medical" seed grown improperly and harvested prematurely.

I have been struck over the last couple of years by the decline in quality of commercial cannabis. And I believe I have some reasons why this is happening.

In the days before hydro, most large scale operations were out doors. Back then a grower would not harvest early unless they were afraid of cops or theft. As we all know - the buds fatten up greatly in the last few weeks and to chop that when growing 500 plants outside would be silly. You only get one crop a year. So the natural order of things made sure that those tris made it to 50% amber.

BUT, enter the world of hydro and F1 hybrids. Now it becomes easy for commercial growers to get multiple harvests a year. And now it becomes profitable to harvest two weeks early, because it can mean an extra harvest or two in a year. Far better yield for the commercial grower - much worse product for the consumer. Taking two weeks of ripening from those tris means they will be clear to milky at best. Would you eat a banana that was two weeks early green?

And second are these automated trimming machines. Not only is the cannabis premature and nearly impotent, but then they trim it by holding it over a fan with blades, or using a small vacuum and blades, or a clothes dryer sized vacuum and blades. And as we all know there's no way those tris are gonna survive that treatment still on the bud. That's just a super duper way of doing what we all do to collect kief for hash. This kief for many of us is literally the BEST PART of the bud. And now that commercial grower has kept that for himself as well.

So, to get back on topic - I think we need to change the term "Medical Grade" to refer to a finished product. "Medical Grade" should be any plant with a documented and stabilized strain - so that we know the THC and CBD info, properly grown to peak ripeness, and properly harvested, trimmed, manicured, dried and cured.

If we the cannabis community allow Medical Grade to be used like it is now as a marketing ploy for seed companies, we are doing ourselves a disservice. And eventually we will end up with RJR Medical Grade Cannabis being turned out in giant vats with giant vacuum cleaners and blades. Lets put the onus back on the growers. If they are gonna use these trimmers and sell weed with clear tris then that should be known as commercial grade and get lower commercial prices than those growers growing what I call "Medical Grade."

So any thoughts on any of this? Am I just a crazy old whacko?


munchin FACE

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i agree 100%
our medicine should not be taken over by corporations, who have ruined everything else they have touched!

we are beginning to make changes in the law, we cant sell out now!
+rep to you man!


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Hi, I am reading a relatively new book, called: Chronic Relief: A Guide to Cannabis for the Terminally & Chronically Ill. Great book. So this is another aspect related to your question...which is: is the CBD derived from industrial hemp or medical grade cannabis...BIG DIFFERENCE and alot of pharmaceutical companies are involved in this and selling snake oil industrial hemp cbd, which is derived from a plant that is heavily pesticide sprayed.
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