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What is pH?


It can be very difficult near impossible to grow a healthy plant without proper understanding of pH and the tools to monitor and adjust the pH.

A must is a good digital pH meter.

I feel like this should be a sticky. A lot of beginner growers including myself treated pH as an after thought. These days I spend close to an hour carefully testing and adjusting my pH each feeding/watering and my results have improved drastically.

IMO pH issues are the root of almost every mystery problem.

Great thread.
Water temperature is very important too, which is an issue that I rarely see discussed.


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I've been asking a lot of questions about ph and testers and the up and down stuff for a while on different forum's or threads and never got the whole story,got you have to do it and what bad ph does to plants but not much on how and what to use and now thanks to you and all.this information you've answered all great read. ive also looked at emilya post on watering another great read.Im 60 and haven't grown for 30 years and im going indoor with LEDS and organic soil growing so I'm a bit out of my comfort zone plus in tent another new thing for me so the information you guys give is invaluable i just wish i could find them sooner but all's good i can't thank you enough :welldone::welldone::adore:


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I would also like to point something out that I just learned about PH...

Water temperature will affect your PH....

Not sure if it was mentioned but figured I would put it out there if not...

George Mc

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I'll try to remember that. I'm going to start up another grow here in a couple months and I use well water that's probably 60 degrees. And as it warms up when it hits the soil the pH will change. I need to fill my jugs and let them sit so they get to room temperature


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Best bit of ph advice around changed the way I grow


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Yup, the temperature effects the PH because increased temp makes the hydrogen ions more active then when cooler. This will throw off the PH reading. My root zone in my plants tends to be around 72F, so I put an aquarium heater in my reservoir that I use to draw water from when I need to feed. That keeps the water at the same temp as the root zone in the pots. Not sure if its overkill, but the plants seem to like it.
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