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What Is The Best CBD Oil?


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I recommend Charlotte's Web by the Stanley Brothers, marketed under the name CW. I know they understand the importance of consistent quality and full-plant formulations, and I trust them to be honest. As the market expands this will likely change, but for now I know this is a safe recommendation.

To be honest, I haven't heard any consistent praise of any other brand. I'm open to suggestions.


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Nothing snarky about that. It's what most of us promote.
Too true.:thumb:

I have only made a small step into the ring but have been happy with pure spectrum cbd oil. They are out of colorado, I had a small issue at first and dealt with the director of sales who fixed me up right and replaced a defective battery. a positive experience.
I tried the vape pen. What attracted me was the No PG or VG and whole plant extract. Eventually if I continue with the CBD vape I would look into something more substantial than a vape pen But I would like oil like theirs.
I have not tried their tinctures or other products. purespectrumcbd (dot) com

just a passing through :Namaste:


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Before I started growing my own I used JuJu Joints vape pens for quick relief. I was very impressed with both the pen design (no wick or combustion) and purity of oil in their CBD pens. I think they are only in Washington.

I had a hell of a time finding usable oil from rec shops after they gutted the medical cannabis industry here. Never ordered online.

Amy Gardner

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yeah - hi
up until recently when it became fully illegal and therefore unavailable where i live, I've used Elixinol for about a year to turn down the volume on chronic pain (joints, bones, fibromyalgia). It seems to work great to ease things but it has been woefully expensive. Apparently it's more effective when adding a from with THC as well, at the same time. It was the brand recommended to me by a very experienced herbalist. Halfway through my last bottle actually and a bit concerned about the future. Laws changed here and now no-one can get a license to sell it and the process involved in getting medical exemption from the prohibitive laws is itself prohibitive in many, many ways. ...Back underground people go...

but i digress... yes I have used it and found it to be of very good quality and reputation.


Lady Dory

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I've currently purchased two forms of CBD... oil in capsules, and a jar of salve which is edible, from Green Mountain CBD, in Vermont. 100% organically grown. I've just started taking the capsules, and decided to move up to 2 a day. I use the salve on my forehead for headaches.

Both products are made in certified organic coconut oil, and have a huge lab report, with terpines, mycology, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticide, and the normal profile of THC's, and CBD's. Report available on their website greenmountaincbd.com

I only have three days of use with the capsules, and a little use of the salve. Each capsule contains 20 mg CBD, and salve contains 20mg per 1 ml. (Jar contains 30 servings for a total of 600mg ). A little of the salve goes a long way!!

In a little while I'll post my results of using this product. Online reviewers seemed happy enough with the way it works and helps with different conditions... So I'm trying it, too, for pain associated with PMR, an auto-immune disease.

As a biologist, with botany and medical background, I was very appreciative of the full lab analysis, organic growing and production of this hemp CBD product.

The adventure begins!


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I know CBD oil helps a lot of people with back pain. Personally me, it helps with muscle pain. I think it's best to ask a doctor then you'll know for sure.
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Premier Extracts dot com,
ABCD Extract 3600, 3600 mg CBD/1 oz bottle.

What you must look at is the milligrams of CBD oil per bottle. My Ex bought some CBD at the drug store, she said it didn't do anything. I looked at it and there was only 180 mg CBD/2 oz bottle. I gave her some of my bottle and she noticed relief in two days.

I add it to my FECO for my daily dose.


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Best is what I make myself.
2nd best is CW Botanicals.

And CBD to be really effective you need to not only take several drops of high quality oil every day, but you also need to smoke/vape and make tea with high quality CBD flower like a 2:1 and depending on what the CBD is for, should also use a good topical ointment if applicable.

My wife and I do all the above.
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