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What is the best defence?


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as the title says. obvs alot of us have the trouble of encountering so called higher authorities who pose a thrat to growers if not now then defo in the past. whats the best defence? i cant offer a prize coz ive lost everything due to public authorities claiming that i cant grow? Bopalots Common Law Conundrum - YouTube

anyways whats the best and most successful defence u have ever heard or come accross that has worked.

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The best defense is a Great offense..........


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If you are in the situation of being arrested for growing, I believe an honest approach the best. I would go for a trial by jury and state the case in terms of growing and using marijuana for medical reasons. I believe most average people, the kind that sit on a jury, would be sympathetic to a person growing and using if it is shown to be a medical need. If a jury thinks you are a big time dealer, you may get screwed, but if you use and grow for medicine to help yourself or others, you may just win their sympathy. Of course, a good lawyer is essential and your record will have a lot to do with how the outcome is.


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if after having consulted competent legal counsel and you find that you have no other recourse, you could make a plea of civil disobedience because the legal prohibition against cannabis (Schedule 1) is based on lies and therefore unjust. one of the founding cornerstones of the USA is civil disobedience and if it can be used to get the judge to consider the merits of Schedule 1, who knows?
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