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What is the best strain for ADD


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I have been told that I have ADD when I was a freshman in high school, that would explain why I failed so many classes, I had lack of motivation and organization and I payed more attention to my own thoughts in my mind and my iPhone than what the teacher was talking about.

When I turned 18 I experimented with weed. I recently heard about how cannabis can be used to help with ADD/ADHD. I am starting college soon and I would like to know what strains would help with ADD

I am looking for something that will help me focus, but I also want something that will make me more energetic, happy, and talkative and get things done. I am very lazy in general even without weed and need something that will help motivate me and get my ass up and do something. I am also not much of a talker and more of a thinker. Because of this I feel like everyone is judging me everywhere I go. When I talk I can't quite come up with the right words when speaking and I feel weird having to talk to random strangers, especially when I am on the job and I have to talk to people. I don't know if it is a social anxiety or what it is, but I really hate it. I hate awkward situations.

A few months back when I was in Washington I was smoking with my aunt. It was honestly the best shit I ever ever had. It made me happy, energetic, It made me want to go walk around and run around, I was waving at everyone walking bye, I was standing up straight for once, I felt amazing. The problem is I have no clue what strain my aunt had and neither did she. I really don't know what strain it was, but it was truly an amazing experience.

What strains would you recommend


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Stick to sativas or sativa-dominant strains. From personal use I recommend the following:

Durban Poison
Blue Dream

Do you currently take any medications? If so then I also recommend, upon finding a strain (or preferably a set of strains) that works for you, to treat yourself solely with cannabis. There are so many negative, and potentially very dangerous and harmful side-effects of pharmaceuticals.

I wish you the best on your search. Good health and well-being to you! :yummy: :3:


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i am certin i spent my life with adhd now at 41 i have read the effects , i was school drop out ect , teacher would be teaching my head was else were , i cant even watch a film on tv due to mind going else where and then not under standing the story line . some times it was watching 2 tvs at once . I only smoke one little pipe at night to help me sleep as my mind will not settle and my legs want to keep walking lol..

I wouldnt mind given the durban poison a go my self,
I grew some passion#1 but im still curing it ,
Im also growing some cheese at the moment but these are for my partner who suffers depression , she seems to like my smoke better lol


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Here are a few more that I'd had:

Tahoe Gold (old school 70s strain... harder to find, but top-notch effects and just what you're looking for)
Harlequin (healthy, high-CBD... won't get you high but will completely meet your needs otherwise)



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Agreed, except I think Pantagruel needs to let me try his Durban Poison. It's a gorgeous plant too.

Anything Sativa. Try to aim for 80% or higher Sativa if possible. And harvested with mostly cloudy, and very few amber trichomes. It's an amazing energy boost, and in my opinion, far better than a simple energy drink. (It also helps when you have tons of yard work that you just don't have the energy to do, and yeah.. that's from experience lol)

You'll want to experiment with how much you need to use to reach the best effects for you, since everyone is different. Just one toke at a time until you feel your energy level increase. You may feel more social as well. And with the right dose, focusing is easier to do. It truly does help, the tricky part is finding the correct dose that works best for you, since Cannabis is still in its infancy stages as a medicine.

The beauty of Cannabis, is you can't die or overdose, so if you use a little too much, you'll know to cut back a small amount for next time.

I personally love Sativas. My weekends are FULL of Sativa energy.

Enjoy life brother. Get your hands on some high quality Sativa, conquer your problems, and be happy again.



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i have ADD, and had a daily use of weed, and that worsened my ADD big time.. i got way more impulsive, and need driven, my focus got worse obviously because i got high everyday lol, and my motivation dropped to the point where i was too lazy to cook a meal for myself.. that's how it ended atleast... my best advice is to stick to the sativa side of things, and use it in low doses, and maybe try to let it inspire you with something you like idk.. but if you wanna get help with your add, omega-3, magnesium, a healthy diet, daily exercise, that tops all meds... hope it can help you bro
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