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What is the best way to make a Bong


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I would like to know the best way to make a bong for my glass bowl


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That bowl looks like a 18mm joint (am I right?), so it'd be pretty difficult to "make" a pipe for it unless you happen to be a glassblower. Those joint sizes are standardized for pipes, but if you're going to handmake something, it's trickier.

What I'd do in your situation is make a gravity water pipe:
1. Get a water bottle with a cap
2. Cut a hole the size of that bowl joint in the cap
3. Pierce or drill holes in the bottom of the water bottle.
4. Fill with water, fit bowl into cap, pack bowl.
5. If you put the water bottle into a larger container and pull it out, the water creates a vacuum which draws the heat from the bowl after you light it, combusting the herb.

Bonus points for using a downstem.
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