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What is the best way to smoke hash?


through a straw **wink**


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Best way I've found is nto to smoke but vape...with a liquid screen in a Volcano...unbelievable taste, cool on the lungs, and no toxics from burning.

I believe you haven't "tasted" hash till you try this method.:peace::3:

You can do the same procedure in a vaporgenie. Just get your hands on a liquid screen, ordered from Volcano people, unfold enough to mold a smaller liquid screen to fit the vaporgenie and there you go!

The liquid screen is medical grade stainless steel wool. Works like a charm!

Mr DaMago...funny you mentioned the hot knives. I remember over 35 years ago as a teenager using hot knives and getting too blasted and having one of the knives slip...I still have the scare on my lip.:33: OUCH! So...word of caution to all.


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hot knives for sure, the tokes explode 3 times the size then you'd get in a joint or bowl and it takes smaller chunks to get huge tokes:)
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