What is the correct way to run your light

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HI ALL .i am new to indoor growing have a mars 2 1600 , and ready fur my second run , when i go to bloom should i run both veg and bloom spectrum's together , i did last run and was very hot , trouble controlling my temps it was a hot summer here, looking for sound advice from experienced growers , the light did grow flowers but were light on weight and have no real good strain , just bag seed of a sativa , what will happen if i just run the bloom spectrum? what do you more experienced growers recommend i do . Regards Didgerman Dingo grow


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Pretty sure the Mars lights recommend both veg and bloom switches on for flowering. You could try it just bloom but both are recommended. Stick in a fan or two in your grow area to cool things down. You could also set it up so the lights are on at night to keep warm and off during the middle of the day to try and keep cooler.

As for the small flowers of your last grow how long did you keep them in flower mode? Sativa's usually take longer than Indica's so maybe you harvested early? I did two grows of bagseed outside and my brother got me feeling paranoid on the first plant so I harvested about 2 weeks early than I wanted to and only got like 15g while the next plant I let go for the time period I wanted (10 weeks) I got 40g. They were bagseed so it could have just been different genetics and me learning more but the plants tend to pack on 20-25% of their weight in the last 2 weeks so an early harvest can mean less yield.