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What is up with the point system?


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Hey im new to the site and I noticed there is some kind of 420 point system and I couldnt find out what it ment. sorry to waste anyones time with somthing im sure you all have all figuerd out. But a descriptive answer would be appreciated. Thanks


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I'm not an admin or anything but I'm pretty sure the point system is so you can click on donate, and donate some of your points to another member on the boards if they help answer a question for you or something like that. A lot of times when I have given people advice or attempted to answer a question for someone who no one else would help with an answer I would be rewarded by some points. I think it is kind of a system to encourage people to help each other and if you have a lot of points you have a higher *status* because people have more reverence for you. Make sense?
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