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What is wrong with her?


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I have noticed that some of my lady leaves looks very sad and I have no idea why. For information abouot this lady look at my signature, please. :helpsmilie:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

To make it clear for everyone, please just type number of picture and your opinion about this problem. Thank you :Namaste:


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You can get a soil ph meter inexpensively at lowes.homedepot.ace ect between 10 and 20 bucks..they may not be real accurate but will give you a general idea...I agree with paddysmoke with diagnosis... pic 3 looks like may just be pest sucking leaves too..not sure


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Picture 1 looks like the beginnings of a Molybdenum and Magnesium deficiency.

Picture 2 is insect damage.

Picture 3 looks like the very early stages of Phosphorus deficiency.

If it is not a deficiency there is always the possibility that it is an abundance of other nutrients, here is a chart of what nutrients effect each other.



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Thanks for help. I have just realized that she's allready in flowering for 1week and I haven't yet changed fertilizer, I'm still using the same one as I used for veg, high nitrogen and potassium. Could this be a reason why she looks like that?
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