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What is your favorite kind of rolling paper?

Scott Wheelman

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I tend to alternate between one of our sponsors, RAW Organic, and JOB French Lights. Both have a lack of flavor and burn the cleanest (ie leaving the least ash) of all the different types I've tried over the past 30 yrs.



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What are the raw s made from?
Can I buy the elements, raws, or French lights online?
I'm gonna try all the different papers that people suggest
i tried the raws a while back, didn't really like them. They were harder to roll, which you get over by the end of the pack, but they always burned very resinous and i always had resin on my teeth and fingers when i was done smoking. My faves right now are the orange zig zags - slow burning. They roll and burn well, not too thick, and easy to find.


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Are bob marley papers or bambu papers any good?:tokin:

I was always told that if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.. So I will remain silent.. :tokin:


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Hands down RAW papers. white papers are nasty. back in day, they would use chlorine to make the papers white ( zig zag and others). nasty! who knows what they use now?


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I started using Zig Zag white papers in 1958.

I have tried hundreds of different papers over the years.

Zig Zag is still my favorite.


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Well I'm glad I asked
It seems that raw is the best
That's disgusting to think that I've been smoking chlorine and other Chemicals
I don't even want to know what is put in cheap rolling paper now.


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RAW papers are good, I smoke all my dodo with zig zag slow burning(first thing I ever rolled a j with). If I'm smoking low grade reggie(which we get alot of here by Houston, because were next to Mexico), I just roll it into a swisher sweet white grape cigarillo. But I just started boycotting reggie altogether(the dealers here are something else)


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I usually smoke with Bambu papers, use to use Zig Zag but didn't like how they would go out on me. Never tried the ones mentioned but I don't have a problem smoking a blunt either. I don't care for leafs, they rip too easy. Usually get wraps because don't like the mess that cracking a blunt makes.
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