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What kind of lights


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Im not sure on the lights i should get. me and my friend are going to be growing in about a 5 feet high 2 feet wide and 4 feet long area, and im just wondering what lights we should get, 2 or 1, and should we get different lights for flowering and veg cycles? preferbly low power usage

Thanks for any help i recieve!


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Not tryin' to be a smartass
but it's all here, ya' just got a read.
Everything from Whole rooms to cabinets and computer cases,
Check out the journals.

Sounds like you'll have 8 sq.ft. to cover at 45-55 watts per sq.ft. To Start

Since it is longer than wide,
I would get a couple to cover the area.
you'll want different Spectrums to flower than what you use to Veg.
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Good luck matey. I hope you come back and start a journal. There are many members who will walk you through your grow if you do.


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I Most likley will, im going to be helping my friend with his grow, and then once i get my own place i will start my own grow.
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