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What kind of pots and soil to place germinated seeds in?

Nick M

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I ordered some seeds from crop King. Their instructions say once germinated do not put seeds in peat pellets. I'm going to keep them indoors on a window sill for a while and was going to use peat pellets. What kind of containers and soil should I get instead?


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Depends on how you plan to grow them.

Going to use synthetic nutrients and bottle feed? Then I would go with coco mixed with about 25% pumice and 5% biochar in a 5 to 7 gallon fabric pot.

Going to try organic with just amendments?
Then a minimum of 15 gallon fabric pot with the same 25% pumice, 5% biochar and some rice hulls.
Then just water the plant and not the pot.
Either coco or quality organic soil will be hydrophobic out of the bag unless it's gotten wet somehow, so need to hydrate it as you fill the pots so it will absorb water.


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I just was told to use basic no nutrient soil. Does this mean no fertilizer ever?
That means use seedling mix which has next to nothing in it for the first week or so.
99.5% of everybody prefers to do this continuous up potting where you go from a little shot glass to a 1/2 gallon to a 1 or 2 gallon and then usually to a still too small 3 to 4 gallon.

I prefer to just put a handful of seedling soil in the middle of my 25 gallon pot and water it properly, which is start with a syringe and do a circle around the seedling with just a tablespoon or so about two to three times a day just to keep the soil moist about an inch or two circle around the plant.
Each day increase the water slightly and widen the circle until you end up watering the whole pot.
If you're using a well established living organic soil no-till pot with a cover crop then you can just water the whole pot from day one.
Theres numerous ways you can do it, just pick the one that feels right to you.
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