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What kind of spidermite is that?


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Hi Fellas,

I have a small grow room with 6 plants. All is different strains due to experimental purpose.

I use coco and Canna products and some of Advanced Nutrients products for support. I used to add some Parker Neem Oil to prevent my plants against to bug or insect attacks but when I mixed it with my fluid fertilizers but I had some nozzle closed issues on little pipe that carries fertilizer to the plant. That's why I gave up and didn't use anything. So that was a bad idea. At the beginning I had a really healthy Amnesia Gold. Then suddenly she has stopped growing and making bud. So she seems so weak then I suspect of something and took her out of grow room and I saw my little girl was suffering of some bug attack. I couldn't see it before before because she was at the very edge corner of my grow room. So I saw 2 of them (please take a look at pics.) and removed them.

Then I have used Aptus Dislike for precaution.

That's my very first time that I've had such that attack. I've added some more pics below.

Could you please share your experience to find out what kind of insects they are and what the best cure is to get rid of them?



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high5, the first thing to do is read the sticky at the top of the page on how to ask for help. Without all the info on your grow, soil, schedule, ferts, etc., it's impossible for anyone to give you any good advice. My advice is to start there.

Hope this gets you the help you need, M8.

Andy. :Namaste:
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