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What makes trichomes mature from clear to ready?


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I have 2 auto plants on day like 84 now and I still see a lot of clear trichomes on it. I want to make sure they still mature even though I have not put new fertilizer on the plants. I did a heavy defoliation a few weeks ago and I think that may have kept the plants from growing for a while on there. I figure with it being near time to harvest the plants that it would not be worth putting a new top dressing on there.

What makes trichomes mature from clear to cloudy to amber? Is it time? Does fertilizer have any affect on that? For example if I am using organic dry amendments in soil and the fertilizer may have run out but it is only like 1-2 weeks to harvest would the trichomes then continue to mature or would they need fertilizer to do that on there? I do see lots of cloudy and very little amber on the buds though there is amber on some of the leaves. What happens if you harvest when some trichomes are then clear on the buds for it on there?
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